50 Breakfast Menus for Babies & Toddlers

A Solid Starts guide cover that reads "50 Breakfasts for Babies & Toddlers" and shows a bowl of yogurt with blackberries

Any experienced parent can tell you that if you serve the same food over and over again (even if it’s a favorite!) that your child will eventually reject that food. So it’s good to mix things up, and especially in the morning when we tend to get in a rotation of foods.

This guide offers 50 sugar-free, low sodium breakfast menus for babies 6 months+, complete with recipes for each.

Recipe Breakdown:

  • 36 gluten-free recipes
  • 32 egg-free recipes
  • 27 vegetarian recipes
  • 18 dairy-free recipes
  • 8 vegan recipes

This guide is available individually and is also included in our Starting Solids bundle.

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