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Adie, 18 months

How to Reverse Picky Eating

A virtual course for reversing picky eating. Appropriate for age 18 months through 6 years.

Leaving no stone unturned while presenting everything in bite-size videos, the course is easy to watch and provides immediate, actionable strategies to jumpstart eating and make lasting, permanent change.

This course is available individually and is also included in our Reverse Picky Eating bundle.

“Unparalleled resources.”

Momtastic, February 2022

The first course of its kind to address picky eating from all angles: social emotional, sensory motor, developmental, and skill building.

All videos are closed captioned in English and Spanish.

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Kalani, 2 years 

The course features 12 easy-to-follow videos


The Re-Set

Mealtime Schedules

Getting Used to Change

Moving Towards a Family Meal

Moving Away from Safety Foods

Learning to Taste

Reducing Safety Foods

Bringing Tasting to the Table

Further Reducing Safety Foods

The Family Meal

Wrapping it Up

Watch them individually or all at once, 2 hours and 15 minutes of content.

Key Course Takeaways

  • Learn how to set a meal time schedule that will support bringing your child to the table hungry and ready to explore new foods.

  • Learn how to introduce new foods in a way that makes your child more likely to accept them.

  • Learn the steps to take to get your child interacting with new and non-preferred foods.

  • Learn how to make family mealtimes more joyful and enjoyable for the whole family.

  • Build your confidence in handling food refusals and mealtime tantrums.

  • Better understand your child’s mealtime behaviors.

  • Learn how to set loving boundaries at the table while also providing a high level of empathy and support.

  • Grow your confidence with serving one meal for everyone in the family, rather than cooking separate meals for your child.

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    What Our Community Says

    Solid Starts has changed my entire philosophy of not just feeding and eating but parenting. Thank you for everything you do. I can’t express enough gratitude.


    My 2 year old was refusing his purple oatmeal and side of strawberries for breakfast this morning and instead was asking for other things like cereal and goldfish crackers, but his dad and I just kept telling him this was all that’s on the menu this morning but that he didn’t have to eat it if he didn’t want to. We let him leave the table. He came back in less than 5 minutes and finished the whole bowl of oatmeal, even asking for seconds. Thanks for teaching us how to apply loving boundaries and no pressure!


    Wow, you guys! Reframing things at the table when there are lots of emotions goes SUCH A LONG WAY. Thank you for providing us with the toolkit for turning a tough situation into a wonderful dinner as a family. I’m proud of myself, and that is a gift that you all have given me.


    You guys are my super heroes and you are changing the world in such a beautiful and positive way. You are taking away mom-shaming, bringing together a supportive community, and raising happy eaters which means a healthier future.


    As a first time mom, I must admit that I’ve made many mistakes and have many regrets with certain aspects of raising my daughter. However, I say this over and over again, that the biggest gift that I have given my daughter are the tools and resources that Solid Starts has provided.